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25 Years Of Depression And Anarchy Predicted By Government Insider

Global news media are giving plenty of attention to a new geopolitical threat to America known as ISIS, the Islamic State in Syria, which is comprised of Muslim jihadists who are more radical than al-Qaeda. But a far greater and even more imminent threat to U.S. stability is coming from right inside our own government.

From within the Fed and the U.S. Treasury Department, in fact, our country is being deteriorated in a way that could end up wrecking western civilization more completely than anything that ISIS leaders ever could do.

According to Jim Rickards, who is a government insider, we will have a depression within 25 years and anarchy will dominate the world. His opinion is not too be treated lightly, because he is not only a former economist, but also classified as a CIA threat-assessment adviser.

When Rickards says that the Feds and the US Treasury are undermining the value of the dollar by printing so much of it and adding millions to the national debt each day, he should be taken seriously. After all, he has been advising government officials and the CIA about economic realities for more than a decade.

Things look bad, very bad. Think about it. The federal government is in serious debt. The dollar is sliding in value each day as the currency standard for the world. And American consumers and taxpayers are worried and depressed about themselves and their country.

Within six months, says Rickards, there will be complete chaos around the world as the United States experiences an economic collapse. Already there are 16 US intelligent agencies preparing a secret refuge for President Obama and top government officials for a time when anarchy has taken over the world. They will continue to govern from these secret shelters.

I know all this sounds very grim. Especially the bit about a 25 year long global depression. But Rickards cannot be easily dismissed. Most people are aware that the Great Depression lasted from 1929 to 1940. They are not aware that in the previous century, there was a depression from 1870 to 1900.

It almost seems as if the economic chaos and financial disaster in the near future is moving as inexorably as tectonic plates beneath the earth. Still, you are not entirely helpless. When the value of the dollar has collapsed, as well as any other fiat currency, there is still gold and silver, which the ancients often referred to as “God’s money” since it’s value survived economic mayhem.

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These Certificates Of Deposit Are Tops In Class

Even though high yield is not very high anymore, you’ll still need the best rate of return available when you invest in a cd. Your high-yield CD should also have an ideal load of benefits, from the right length of term and minimum deposit to most frequent interest compounding and other benefits like rate bumping and no withdrawal fee. The following banks offer some of the very best certificates of deposit when assessed by these standards.

Go to Ally Bank

Ally was voted by Cash Magazine as the best online bank, in part as a result of good CDs. With a 5 year CD, you can get a 1.59 percent APY, which is great. On top of that, you can 0.94 percent APY on a one year CD with no minimum required to open the account.

Try out Nationwide Bank

The CD goods at Nationwide are pretty incredible. In fact, you can get 1 percent APY on a one-year CD with no minimum deposit. You can get better rates with a 5-year CD at 1.80 APY. Anything over $100,000 gets an even better deal.

Get your CD at OneWest Bank

Without interest compounded every day at OneWest, you can get an excellent deal. A one-year CD gets 1 percent APY while a five year gets 1.60 percent APY, though a $1,000 minimum is needed.

Greatest certificates of deposit No. 4 – Bank of Internet USA

With interest compounded every day, lots of people like Bank of Internet USA. The Bank offers 1 year CDs at 0.80 percent APY compounded every day. If you would like a five year plan, the interest is 1.60 percent APY.

What about EverBank?

A 0.81 percent APY will be given on a 1-year CD at EverBank, though five years can get you 1.65 percent APY. The company is ranked very high for customer service, so it may be worth the required $1,500 needed to open the CD.

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